The Huntress

DJ Name: The Huntress
Official Licensed Radio: Radio Free Outer Haven
Communities Served with DJing: 3DX, Star Citizen, ATMO Esports
Rooms / Clubs: I share the following rooms with AmyTrubblemaker(AKA DJ Trubblemaker):
Opal Star: A fully realized intergalactic cruise ship with lore and new destinations open Fridays at 7pm PST.
890 Jump: A DJ showcase set on a futuristic sea vessel with dragons and robots and race cars! Oh my!
Open on Opal Star off-Fridays and other late nights.
Genres: Various/No Restrictions
Preferred Genres: EDM/Dance/House/Rap/Rock/Alt Rock/Metal/Alt. Metal/Pop/Eclectic.
Listener Limit: 300 Listeners (can be increased)
Quality of Music: 320 kbps MP3s only
Broadcast Quality: 256 kbps minimum
Legally Licensed for Streaming: Yes
Software: Virtual DJ
Time zone: Pacific Time Zone
DJ Group: Wholly Independent