Dj Starrfyre

I am a 40-year old transsexual in real life living in Virginia in the USA. My life in 3DX is much as I am in real life. I even try to make my 3DX avatar match my appearance in real life. I love to show others genuine care, respect, love, and especially value they have in the game and in life.

What is your music style?

I can play any genre of music, but I most prefer Classic Rock from the 70s-80s with additions from other decades. I especially enjoy creating Theme Sets and Themed Nights in 3DX Clubs.

How did you get into DJing ?

I enrolled in Radio-TV courses in college to not be so shy in life. I loved to listen to the talents of DJs on the radio and thought it would be cool to become one in life. I knew it might be difficult to become a DJ as a transitioned person (M2F which began at the age of 21 in my junior year of college), but I have found chances to work part-time as a mobile DJ with companies in my area where I live.

What you do when you are not DJing in 3dxchat?

I have two passions in my life. I love to DJ, of course. But, I also love to be a college level instructor for Basic Astronomy courses. That is why I am always a part-time DJ in life.

I truly love 3DX where I am able to be my real self in there and to be able to DJ for others. I have my DJ motto or slogan for me as “Music Is Life”. I really feel that is true for all of us. I play songs I know will give happy memories and smiles for those who hear songs they remember when they were growing up. I believe I play songs which are always good memories for each person in the rooms where I play. Those who see me in 3DX know I decided four years ago to take on a special DJ character called StarrFyre, a pink-skinned alien girl from Planet Musica. It has been fun to be that character and step out of my absolute true transitioned self to be in that character when I DJ there. Otherwise, you will see me in 3DX as StephanieTS.