Bikini Kim

Music Style:
Mainly progressive rock and metal. I also mix in some punk, goth, and industrial as well. I generally like hard (preferably complex) rock that gets your blood moving.

Why DJing?
As a 3DX Chat player, I got tired of trying to find the music I like in the game, or to find it without the incessant advertisements of the in-game radios. When the game was down for many days I used that time to dig into the basics of how to stream (with lots of help and advice from other 3DX DJs).
I have been loving it ever since and have graduated from WinAmp with my own personal music library to Virtual DJ with Deezer.

What else?
When not DJing I love to dance, explore, and meet people from all over the world in 3DX Chat; play Star Citizen with friends; go sailing; and do some amateur modeling on the side.

Twitter: @kim_bikini