Joining 3dxlive

3dxlive is a platform for live DJ’s.
This ranges from DJ’s who mix and or beat-match, to DJ’s who prepare a playlist and play that. In short, anyone who takes effort and want to make his or her best set for the evening.
3dxlive is a certificate of authenticity, meaning that all DJ’s always play live.

What is 3dxlive not ?

We don’t organize events and we will never do.
Of course everyone in 3dxlive is free to organize events by themselves and / or groups they are in.

What does that mean for you as a DJ ?

It means that you need to have the “now playing” option on in your stream so every user who opens your stream link can see what songs you are playing. This way it is totally transparent for everyone.

You get a personalized 3dxlive banner that you can put in your profile.
Every DJ gets a sub domain on 3dxlive that directly links to your stream. (example
This way it is easy for users to see if you are live or not.
In the future we will also create a personal profile for every DJ in 3dxlive. (work in progress)

Who can join ?

Every DJ who plays live can join. On condition they have their “now playing” (metadata) on.
The 3dxlive staff decide who will join and who not, in good consultation with other dj’s in 3dxlive.
We are all DJ’s. You can be in groups or freelance.

What does 3dxlive mean for 3dx, room hosts and players ?

Hosts and party people know that when a 3dxlive DJ is playing that it’s 100% live music.
Hosts who only use 3dxlive DJ’s are allowed to use it in their promotion material.
Several hosts even said that they are interested in using exclusive 3dxlive DJ’s only.

How can i join ?

Join te 3dxlive discord server
Or send a message to DyllanD in 3dxchat