Dj Lisanal

What is your music style ?

EBM – PsyTrance – Trance – Techno – Deep Techno – Hip Hop and 90s Pop Music

How did you get into DJing ?
Everything starts in 1999 when I started to go out to party in Barcelona, ​​my first trips were to house clubs, but I was looking for something more underground, after a while I found what I was looking for, psy trance invaded my life, my first influential artists They were Son Kite and Atmos, it was at that time year 2001, that I began to buy my first psy trance vinyls, at this time
I bought records without knowing how to mix, in 2002.
I bought my 1200 mkii technics partner, I started practicing psy mixtures trance and I felt that I didn’t like something about psychedelic sound, the constant sound of bass. I began to look for another type of musical style that I knew I would find, it was there when in an after party where there was a wooden table with two turntables of different brands and a beringher mixing table where I heard what I was looking for, my influence as a DJ It was J.Rob, he did something different with music from artists like Emmanuel top, BBE, U&K, Lemon 8, Der Dritte Raun and many more artists, I have always called this style hypnotic trance, melodies and sound waves invade my mind and make my body move as if something hypnotized me .. thanks Jean Robert for what you gave me in person ….
My way of mixing is simply to prepare a folder with different styles but that the tracks have similarities of sounds and waves, then when it comes to mixing I simply feel in my mind the track that I should put and mix with the track that sound .. I let myself go, I try to make progressive sessions of styles and sounds, I only use the effect of repeating loops

What you do when you are not DJing in 3dxchat?
I like to go see friends to enjoy good music with them and I really like to go to listen to the DJ set of friends and sometimes I’m in editor mode