Dj Spratek

Czech Tekboy with 23 and 200 bpm in heart

What is your music style
to pick my favourite, it will be Tekno and all its forms. In 3dxchat i mix Melodic House, Tech House or Minimal, but also Psytrance and DnB.
How did you get into Djing in 3dxchat
It’sgoing to nearly a year since i got new “toys” for mixing and wanted to test them. One day i asked one room host who was using music from radio, whether she would fance live Dj for couple of hours. And it was a success so i decided to mix from time to time in game.
What you do when you are not Djing in 3dxchat ?
I don’t spend much time online, when i do, i prefer socialising, chatting with friends and also being part of VELVET parties