Dj Desty

What is your music style:
Hardstyle/Trance but i also dj rock/edm/metal/dance but im the best in form with Hardstyle and Trance
How did you get into Djing:
I’ve been to some festivals i’m dutch and the netherlands is well know of great festivals and i talke with my love one and she want me to dj ingame and let people hear what i can do with music
What you do when you are not Djing in 3dxchat:
well i’m a gamer i play some games and watch some netflix or youtube
What Kinda Server you have and where to find it:
i Have a ShoutCast and here is the link it playing 24/7 music and this it my Link wen i’m djing
Do you make mixes and where to find them:
Yes i make mixes i have a mixcloud where i post them on here is the link